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bruh this looks so scary. i don't know if it's the virus or if its a game from the screenshots. I cant download this.

its kinda creepy but i dont download because i see mrs. major is an intense virus 

Haha genuinely gave me the creeps, just wish it was longer :)  *cough cough*



I like this game thank you I will play your rehto (other) games if you have more horror games I would love to play them.


hi, big thx for the great scary game. i love it. greetings from germany


Avast Antivirus can stop this

Avast sucks, use Bitdefender or McAfee

McAfee sucks, use Kaspersky or Bitdefender.


this was great! really really freaky but was really good!! awesome job on creating this game! :D

Too scary

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Can't wait to play your future projects.


It was FUN!


1.Muy entretenido y original, me lo he pasado muy bien, y me he llevado varios sustos!!


I had a lot of fun with your game! The jumpscares made me jump a lot in the beginning, but they got repetitive after a while. I understand that it is a beta version not a finished game, so it isn't a deal breaker for me. The level design and the limited amount of keys make you think what door to unlock, in order to get all the pictures. That's something I liked. I guess there will be an enemy in the game, so the guns in the weapon room will come in handy? But yeah, as a concept of work it is really enjoyable. Hopefully we will see more of it! Good luck!